Artisan soaps made from luxurious oils and exotic butters with milks, creams and silk fibers; to the whimsy of glycerine soap creations. Full of fluffy bubbles and velvet lathers, once your skin it treated to handmade soap you will never go back. bytheSEAsoap was born out of the love of TSPink soap rocks some fifteen years ago. I found those soaps at a Nevada City Art Gallery and my obsession for beauty in a bar of soap began. I still have a small piece of that first soap! ~~Pam Mella~~

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Soap Stamp

LOGO Stamps from Alicante - Espan'a

I was invited to be a participant in an international soap makers group and exchange this past spring.  It is thrilling when a group of artistic people ask you to be involved in their project!  To meet and visit and share ideas on line is one of the wonders of the internet world, making the world a smaller and friendlier place.  It's been a real pleasure.

My intention was to make one lovely soap for this project and stamp it with a new logo stamp.  I enjoy using the wooden logo stamps that I get from Spain and needed a new one.  Well as time went by I had the logo designed and was ready to order I somehow set it in abeyance and it got lost in the shuffle ;(    We know how that happens from time to time!

As time went along I kept making this and that soap not knowing which to send along for the project.  In the end I sent 2 of this and 3 of that all packaged according to whim.  The last of my soap project went off to Europe a mere week ago and my beautiful stamp arrived today!  Many thanks to Omar Lopez of PasitoaPasito  blog for another wonderful logo stamp!

Now that this beautiful stamp is here well the soaps are a little more cured than one would like to use for the stamping procedure.  However where there is a will there is a way!  I planed a sliver, shaved a thin piece of soap off of two recently made bars and  then worked some stamp magic on them.  Just exposing that minute amount of  the 2 week old soap was enough to let the stamp set the logo into the bar!  Who knew?  It worked --- yeah!  Here it is used on a dark and light colored soap!

Omar's soap stamps are professional and beautiful in their simplicity and ease of use.  Cleaning the stamp is a breeze.  He designs your stamp following your illustration/instructions and tweeks the design so that it is suitable for a soap stamp!  His work is precision, the project and shipping timeline are very reasonable and he sends the stamp with care and cleaning instructions.  I'm thrilled to share these photos with you and hope you will drop him a line if you need a logo soap stamp.

Here is my logo that Omar worked off of and simplified for the stamp.