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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anhoki's Place: HOW do you use these stamps..... anyway?????

Anhoki's Place: HOW do you use these stamps..... anyway?????:


  1. Anoki stamps are first quality. I'm hoping to order one soon.

  2. Hi Pam, I just answered your questions on my post Orange Season (come on over and check it out on my blog). Thanks for commenting!! Just to let you know I also love Sacagawea and Clan of the Cave Bear. Both AWESOME books. I also have a stamp of Anhoki's and she has a lot of great advice on her blog about how to care for it, and best use. But the best way is to just get one and experiment!! xoxox Jen

    1. Jen thank you for commenting! I had all but forgotten that the profile lists books etc. Must get back to it and add some films and music too. I am deciding which logo to use for the Anhoki Stamp!

  3. I have purchased custom stamps from them in the past, and plan on getting updated ones. You cannot beat the quality of their stamps. No one can match them.