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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Soap Asian Pear with Synergy

I enjoy watching you-tube videos of soap making when I'm caught up!  Recently there was a challenge from one of these channels to do a Synergy Soap, a challenge much like the Paint Chip or the Tiger Stripe Style.  So the Soaping 101 challenge is to do a soap showing motion, color or textures, a soap denoting different forces of nature perhaps.  The interpretation is left to each person.

Asian Pear Lily is such a lovely fragrance blend and this was my first experience using it.  I wanted to incorporate this challenge with this fragrance and see where it led.   As I was working with a small sample I needed another fragrance so added some pink grapefruit essential oil.  The pink grapefruit went into the colored parts and the Asian Pear Lily into the ivory which riced a touch but was workable.

Three Colors

Three styles

Two fragrances.

The colors I enjoy working with are muted.  This fragrance calls for muted colors in my imagination.  When I see tablespoons of color going into a soap it makes me think of colors running down the drain and colored bubbles suitable for a Dr. Seuss illustration.

Using a tried and true recipe with my favorite Cocoa Butter off I went.  Fragrance check!  Color well ivory with a touch of French Pink Clay and a lick of Mica from TKB should compliment the Asian Pear theme.

So here we have three colors two fragrances and three looks from one batch of soap!  It turned out beautiful and smells like I want to put it on my body and rub it in my hair!  The cure tick tock tick tock.   "Patience is a virtue possess it if you can, it is seldom found in woman and never found in man"!  unknown author or perhaps a woman from the 1800's who was reluctant to take credit back then.

Have a wonderful 4th everyone.  Mella L


  1. That is a wonderful color combination! I think the muted colors are perfect and the contrast of the bright mica is beautiful. Thumbs up for a fantastic soap!

  2. Hi Andee thanks so much! It's got to have mica or glitter right? LOL