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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Sunday morning!  The sun is shining the birds are chirping and the bees are a hummin all around.  Even the hummers are out early today.  My garden inspires my new adventures in blending fragrances!

I had guests yesterday and it was their first visit to our home.  They are city people and were so intrigued with the scent of the air as they walked up the path to the house.  We did a tour of the yard.  The Cecil Breunner Roses just beginning their bloom, it is a baby pink rose climber.  To our guests amazement we still have some of the grapefruit, oranges and lemons left from the harvest and the gorgeous new orange blossoms just emerging!

Oh lovely the "garden smells of gardenias"!   Gardenias are on THE list for next fall!  The combination of of roses, rosemary, aloe and orange blossoms. Smells almost like gardenias.

It smells of heaven to me, I'm positive,  right here in the orange groves with the bees joining in the choir of the yard humming their life saving tunes.  It is ironic that oranges are actually self pollinating but don't tell the sweet bees this.  They are loving every breath of the orange blossoms loaded and burdened with golden pollen as they head back to their queen their home.

My favorite time of year for morning garden wandering is right now!  Not to hot  not to cold, just right for a bathrobe tour!  Grab a cup a, and head to the garden with a a camera too!  This inspired my Gardener's Sunrise Soap for the 5th Week Challenge.  Many thank yous to Amy at the GreatCakesSoapWorks!  Check her blog for all the beautiful creations that Amy's blog and challenges have produced here .

A few photos of this new to me fragrance and essential oil blended soap.  Originally I was going to call it Maui Sunrise, but changed it this morning following my garden tour to Gardeners Sunrise.  It has grated lemon and orange peels for exfoliation, some is added to the entire batch and some is layed in a pencil line with a touch og green and orange mica's also.  The fragrance is a combination of  Orange Grove, appropriate sweet and Litsea bright and lemon, with a touch of plumaria to go!  My next batch will be rose to replace the plumaria!   The blend Orange Grove  2.5 parts, Plumaria .5  and Litsea .25.  YUM.   It smells so nice we will have to see when it cures how it holds.  I love it and here are a few photos to share.

Glorious Bees
Baby Roses, Aloe in Bloom the left bottom orange blossoms and the end of the rosemary bloom on the right!
Gardener's Sunrise
Thank you and a shout out ( I never thought I would use that descriptiveshout out! LOL),   to Mz. Holly of Missouri River Soap for introducing me to glitter! She is an inspiration!  Glitter it is so much fun and just the right touch!  Need a better glitter photo for next time.


  1. Your soap looks amazing and I bet it smells even better. I would never have thought to mix orange grove with plumeria. Very interesting combo. I can't wait to hear if the scent holds.

  2. Looks so fresh and spring-like.I love your color choices and I betcha it smell wonderful also.

  3. Omgosh... so beautiful. Thank you for explaining your garden so well. I was transported for a moment and could almost smell the wonderful bliss myself. Your soap looks wonderful. I bet is smells heavenly :)

  4. Beautiful soap, and the scent sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you! It was a fun project and to use products frown from my home was just great. I hope the fragrance holds and I let you know!

  5. What a blend! Wish I can scratch the screen and smell it!

  6. Beautiful soap and beautiful garden! :) I bet both smell lovely!