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Saturday, April 28, 2012

NAME this soap and sure there will be a prize  for the winner whose name is chosen and the runner up!  The drawing will be May 16th after a trip to Portland!  Hope to see you there too!

Here is my second FAUX FUNNEL SWIRL soap for  week # 6 Great Cakes Soap Works challenge.  I like this type of design.  It was such fun albeit it messy with so many color bowls!

I wanted summer colors this time and an opportunity to use my new pink!  I chose a yellow, electric bubble gum pink ( oh boy!  and it glows in the dark-neon) a  teal type color with a lavender thrown in.  Ok over the top but if you are doing it might as make it memorable!

Well this soap wasn't as successful as I had hoped but hope springs eternal and it all worked out well in the end!  The soap technique and the fragrance ( a tropical floral of course)  well didn't agree with each other so here is the improvisation of the original design!    Not to despair as the colors and the fragrance are just so wonderful together for summer!

Slab cut into 3 logs

Do these colors look like a Grecian beach to you?

This Bramble Berry Birch Mold is a favorite especially for the new techniques I'm working on!
Now it just needs some time and a name!
It seems as I worked up the colors separately I need to add the fragrance separately also.  So that was a new process.   OOPS first bottom 3 layers set up quite quickly.  OK I poured the bottom layer alla Anita's LaLaLand soaping technique for beautiful flowers and friendship soaps!   Thank you Anita!  In went a stiff layer of the base soap but the beautiful teal and lavender pour wouldn't penetrate the base color, oh NO!  Hurry, think quick, the teal poured out in a smooth layer but by the time I got to the lavender/purple I had to spoon it in and clump a  lump it!

Now for the pink and yellow well no fragrance there, I'm learning!  Did a touch of pooling and swizzle sticking but that was the whole of it.   The bottom layers were too set up for me to do inserts for these bars.  That turned out to be just fine as I cut the entire slab by hand and didn't get too crooked this time.  Practice makes the job not so intimidating with each new attempt!   Into the oven for a bit and well here you have a soap that reminds me of a beach in Capri!   Sometimes the good the bad and the lumpy work out just fine, and that is a good thing. 

So ends this weeks tales of "The adventures of a frantic soap maker"!  Adieu!

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  1. I see flowers on the pond, so how about "Primrose on the Pond"?