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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well I got into the wine for this one!  Actually I use Merlot to make tomato sauce and had only 1 cup to use.  So I used what I had on hand.  It is amazing to me 1 cup of Merlot can be reduced in a sauce pan to 1/4 cup of wine syrup.  As I was only making a small batch for decoration it was the perfect amount.  Added a touch of water and soaped away.

Once again thanks so much to Amy of GreatCakesSoap Works for her nudge and helping hands.  She has brought together a group and stirred the pot of imagination for many experience and learning soapmakers! You can find her blog posts  here.

So this is how Merlot Cheese Cake worked for me.  You can tell I'm still working on Week 3 piping challenge my wedding cake shaped soap wasn't ready for the week 3 piping challenge.  So I thought I'd incorporate the two challenges together..Week 3 with Week 4 added on top.  Much fun.

Adding Merlot Wind syrup and lye solution into the oils.  I did add a touch of white after this was incorporated and a touch of clay too.

 Well a bit of green was needed for this project and the soap color turned out better than expected!  The majority of the soap has a small amount of TD and the color the Merlot left in the soap.
 And here we go a Merlot Wine Guest Soaps!
 Merlot Frosted Cheese Cake this was such a fun cake to do.  Yes my first cake attempt.  Find the right container and I went for it.  In this case this is a Healthy Choice dinner bowl from a former bachelors favorite frozen food isle!  Rice and veggies medley!  Something my Gene picked up at Costco when he was out shopping on his own!  I'm happy it wasn't a case of sardines.
 Last but not least is Merlot Frosted Cup Cakes.  I'm really enjoying the piping and have learned more the second time around!  Amy thank you so much!


  1. Your soaps turned out so amazing, Pam!! You definitely have a knack for piping and color choice. What a great idea for a mold - it worked perfectly!

  2. Wow, they are really amazing, well done! Love the idea of the Merlot syrup you used, it's truly wonderful the creativity that has come out of these challenges, x Linda

  3. I have to ask. Forgive me if it's not appropriate but I have been looking forever for a berry mold that makes a whole berry. Would you mind sharing where you got it? Thank you so much :)

    1. Hi Kim it was so long ago I truly do not remember. I'm sure I found it thru google. Silicone berry molds they had blue berry ones also and I know it came from the orient some where. If you can't find one then get back to me and I'll see if I can find more.