Artisan soaps made from luxurious oils and exotic butters with milks, creams and silk fibers; to the whimsy of glycerine soap creations. Full of fluffy bubbles and velvet lathers, once your skin it treated to handmade soap you will never go back. bytheSEAsoap was born out of the love of TSPink soap rocks some fifteen years ago. I found those soaps at a Nevada City Art Gallery and my obsession for beauty in a bar of soap began. I still have a small piece of that first soap! ~~Pam Mella~~

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Mermaid's Gift to the Sailor.

January brings another first for me.  Oil inventory and using up those obscure oils purchased for other projects and not consumed.  In the first month of the year clearing out the old and making room for the new!

We all have bits and pieces of unused exotic ingredients that have a definite shelf life.  Each January my new habit will be to sort those infrequently used oils those close to expiration and use them with in the month!

So January will by my recycle month and my soaps will be designed around the exotic oils "WHY did I buy this Emu Oil" purchase that lives in the refrigerator!

A Mermaids Gift to the Sailor, a tribute to the up coming Saint Valentine Day Celebration.  Designed to be a floating heart made of translucent soap heart floating in an aqua pool.  It is fragranced with a male fragrance.  I've used 7 oils and butters.  It contains the usual suspects olive, coconut and Castor oils and includes the exotic's from Babassu and Meadow foam to Avocado Oil and Mango Seed Butter.   I am so happy with how this formula preforms!  The velvet lather and smallish bubbles of this gentle soap are spectacular.

Coconut 12% - Avocado 7% - Palm 20% -  Mango Seed 10% - Babassu Oil 10% - Castor Oil 7% - MeadowFoam 4% Super Fatted at 8%.  A complex male fragrance that includes citrus, peppercorn, jasmine and labdanum.  Oh yum a male perfumery, a sophisticated aftershave fragrance that I'm sure Daniel Craig would love!  This fragrance does discolor to a beige/pink like many male fragrances do.  The silicone heart mold for the embed is a new one from Bramble Berry and so fun to use.
Mermaids are the legendary aquatic creatures with the upper body of a female human and the tail of fish.  Maids of the sea!  Popular worldwide their first stories appeared in ancient Greek Mythology as sirens.  The Manatee or so called gentle sea cow  is thought to be the inspiration of mermaid myths.

Mermaids have been a popular subject of art and literature thru the ages.   The Little Mermaid (1836)  by Hans Christian Andersen is such a well-known fairy tale perpetuating the popularity of the mythical creatures.  Mysterious and illusive all at the same time, they have been depicted in operas, paintings, books and films.   Mermaids those beautiful mythical beings of a sailors heart and a little girls dreams.  


  1. I love the simplicity of this soap. I may have to copy you since I have that heart mold!

  2. It was a fun soap to make. Glad you enjoy! Have fun with yours and let us see a photo!