Artisan soaps made from luxurious oils and exotic butters with milks, creams and silk fibers; to the whimsy of glycerine soap creations. Full of fluffy bubbles and velvet lathers, once your skin it treated to handmade soap you will never go back. bytheSEAsoap was born out of the love of TSPink soap rocks some fifteen years ago. I found those soaps at a Nevada City Art Gallery and my obsession for beauty in a bar of soap began. I still have a small piece of that first soap! ~~Pam Mella~~

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone 2014!
Castile a first for 2014 along with two other firsts for ACaliforniaSaop,!  

My first Castile soap and the first soap of 2014.  Made with 100% Lucero Mandarin Infused Olive Oil!   I will post individual photos when I cut the soap in two or three weeks.  It will need to sit on the curing rack for 1 year that is the nature of this gentle Castile soap! Inspired by  Lucero Olive Oils a local orchard which supplied the oil for this soap can be found here.

Another first for this year was using a new silicone mold liner for a 9 bar wooden mold I have on hand.  The liner proved to be perfect for this slab soap and made such a smooth sided soap.  So easy to use and clean and so professional I just had to order a few more!   I thought I'd share with you that I got this liner from the famous BrambleBerry right  here.

One last first for me actually happened in December of 2013.  I just must share my excitement!  In the past I've shipped soaps to our sister nation Canada and even a few south of the border toward Mexico town!  BUT this past Decemberr I received my very first ever European soap order!  Oh so really an order for 10 assorted soaps?  I was so thrilled I did a happy dance!  I was was so excited and proud when I  sent off my first European soap order.  :)   
Some one wonderful person from so far away liked my soapy creations and made my year!  I can't THANK you enough <3!  

A sample soap package made for the Christmas season. White Citrus, Lahaina, Pink Sugar and Green Tea.

Off they all went to the far beyond over the pond and across the sea!

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